Switching Is Easy

In the past, moving banks has been a pain. But ClickSWITCH™ makes it super easy. So smooth, in fact, you may find it’s over too soon.

  • Securely transfer recurring payments such as utilities, car payments, mortgage payments and credit card payments
  • Transfer direct deposits from your employer or other source
  • Notify auto-debit payees of your new account information
  • Close your prior account
  • Receive real-time switch confirmation

How it Works

  • Open an account with Gorham Savings Bank online, over the phone or in person at any one of our convenient locations.
  • Log on to the Gorham Savings Bank ClickSWITCH portal at gorhamsavingsbank.clickswitch.com, using your computer or smart device.
  • Enter the SwitchTRACK code provided by your Gorham Savings Bank representative.
  • Follow the steps to transfer direct deposits and recurring payments, and notify auto-debit payees of your new account information.

That’s it. Your new Gorham Savings Bank account is up and running. And so are you!