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What should your checking account do for you? We have a product designed to fit your idea of convenient banking. Go ahead, try us.

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Make Cents Checking

Get rewarded for using your debit card.

  • Reimbursed ATM fees in the U.S.
  • Earn 10 cents per purchase
  • No monthly maintenance service charge
  • Earn interest
  • $1.00 to open
  • Mobile and online banking
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Essential Checking

Get the financial flexibility you need. No questionable fees. No strings attached.

  • Unlimited check writing
  • No monthly maintenance service charge
  • $1.00 to open
  • Mobile and online banking
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Champion Checking

Get rewarded with competitive interest rates when you maintain a higher balance.

  • Reimbursed ATM fees in the U.S.
  • No monthly maintenance service charge
  • Earn a higher interest rate
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Mobile and online banking
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Smart Start CheckingSM

Get access to banking services you can feel comfortable using daily. Everything you need to manage your finances securely with no overdraft fees.

  • No overdraft or non-sufficient (NSF) fees
  • Reimbursed ATM fees in the United States
  • Our foreign wire transfer fee reimbursed
  • Free money orders
  • No minimum daily balance
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Health Savings Account (HSA)

Contribute money from each paycheck, earn tax-free interest and pay for qualified expenses with a convenient debit card.

  • No monthly maintenance service charge
  • Earn interest tax-free
  • Pay for a variety of qualified medical expenses
  • Roll over savings year-to-year
  • Mobile and online banking
Compare Checking Accounts
Account Make Cents Checking Essential Checking Champion Checking Smart Start CheckingSM
A smart option for: Those looking to earn rewards on everyday purchases. Those who prefer simple and traditional checking with no strings attached. Those who maintain a higher balance and seek competitive interest rates. Those looking for low-cost checking with no overdraft fees.
Benefit: Earn 10 cents per debit card purchase* Unlimited check writing  Earn a higher interest rate with unlimited transactions No overdraft or non-sufficient (NSF) fees; Free money orders; GSB Foreign Wire Transfer fee reimbursed*
Earns Interest: ✓ 
Online & Mobile Banking: ✓ 
Reimbursed ATM Fees in the U.S.:
Minimum Daily Balance: $25 $0 $25 $0
Minimum to Open: $1.00 to open $1.00 to open $1.00 to open $1.00 to open
No Monthly Maintenance Service Charge: $5 per month
Other Features: Limit of 5 checks or bill payments per statement cycle  
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working on tablet

Lost It? Lock It With Card Controls

Enjoy the convenience and security of using your phone to manage and protect your debit card. With Card Controls, you can turn off your card, set transaction limits, and set location-based controls anytime, with ease.

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