Business Loans

You’ve got to be quick on your feet—and you need a lending partner that’s agile enough to move with you. At Gorham Savings Bank, we provide high-quality service and personalized attention. Low fees, competitive rates and flexible terms? We can do that, too.

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Commercial Real Estate Loans

Whether it’s time to buy new property, add space to your current location or just refinance, we can help.

building under construction
Construction Loans

When it’s time to build a new space, or expand your existing office, our construction loans can help you get the process rolling.

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Equipment Loans

Whether your equipment needs are big or small, securing financing can help you upgrade or add equipment while conserving your hard-earned cash.

SBA Loans

At GSB, we offer federally guaranteed SBA loans to qualifying businesses—just one more way we support our local communities.

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FAME Loans

We offer small business loans in partnership with the Finance Authority of Maine (FAME), for when traditional loans are not the solution to your borrowing needs.

CEI Loans

We specialize in helping business owners find financing solutions that work for them. If a traditional loan isn’t an option for your business, a CEI loan may be a good alternative.

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Leasing For Municipalities

Leasing can be a convenient and simple way to get the crucial machinery, vehicles and equipment your municipality needs—without breaking the bank.

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woman working

Have You Heard About Our Checking Accounts?

No matter where you are in your business journey—from starting up to expanding—we’ve got a checking account to accommodate your needs. And our online and mobile banking solutions help you manage with ease from anywhere. 

The Right Business Solution

At The Right Time

From start-up to Fortune 500, you need a bank that understands and anticipates your needs. One that believes in your mission. At GSB, we’ve designed our business products and services around our customers’ evolving needs. So even if you don’t know what your business will need in five years, we do. We’ve been there. And we’re always here for you.