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Gorham Savings Bank
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Our vision is to be the leading financial services provider in creating economic growth, prosperity and financial security for the people and communities of Southern Maine. So how do we make our vision a reality? By following our values…

Woman sitting on stump, Man and dog standing

Our Vision Is Clear

And So Are Our Values

MutualityDropdown icon

First and foremost, we answer to our customers.

We made the decision to put our customers first 150 years ago—and we’ve never looked back. We did it by becoming a mutual savings bank. By making our customers more than a promise, by making them our owners.

OptimismDropdown icon

We want to say yes. And we’ll work hard to do it.

While others may be looking for reasons to say no, we’re busy finding ways to say yes. Because, when you work towards a positive outcome, things change for the better. And, that’s good for everyone.

Team BankingDropdown icon

We are a culture of strong teams not superstars.

We train and mentor every person at GSB to be able to handle any situation for our customers. No matter who you see at GSB, you know that you are getting the best service and knowledge available.

TransparencyDropdown icon

We. Don’t. Hide. Anything.

A banking relationship is built on trust. And, we take that trust very seriously. We promise to share everything with our customers. Because, when it comes to money, future, and security, there’s no such thing as overly honest.

Customer CentricDropdown icon

We’ll be ready to change when our customers’ lives do.

We work hard to know our customers better than any other financial institution, so that we can ensure that our products and services are the perfect fit for their needs. That means evolving as their needs evolve.

Relationships Above AllDropdown icon

We value nothing more than our relationships.

No fee, no detail, and certainly nobody’s ego is worth more to us than our relationship with our customers. We want the banking experience to be a positive one, and we work hard to make that happen.

Local DecisionsDropdown icon

We keep it local. (All of it.)

We’re the only remaining Maine bank born and bred right here in Cumberland County. And in the past 150 years, we’ve seen how local decisions made by local people can create all kinds of benefits.

Business FocusDropdown icon

We build the businesses that communities rely on.

Here in Maine, the vast majority of our neighbors, families and friends depend on local businesses for their jobs. Which is why it’s so important that we do everything we can to help our local businesses.

Giving BackDropdown icon

We put our resources where our heart is: in our communities.

We don’t do it for the PR. We don’t even do it because our company encourages us to. We do it because we want to. Because we live here. And we know and care about the other people who live here, too.

ResourcefulnessDropdown icon

We know that financial know-how is just one way we can help.

We want our customers to think of us as a place they can go for advice they can trust. That means going the extra mile to find the right answer, whether that’s the best loan rates, or the number for a great handyman.

Being FairDropdown icon

We are responsible and fair to everyone. Including ourselves.

In order to provide strong support for our business partners, we must ourselves be a strong business. To this end, we employ the same practices to our own business that we recommend to our customers.

Buy Local. Bank Local.Dropdown icon

We make sure every deposit makes a difference.

Whether it's helping a local business get a start with a competitive loan, lending a hand on a local building project, or helping small businesses connect through LaunchPad, we take advantage of every opportunity to reinvest in our community, and share the wealth.

Interactive Teller Machine and virtual teller


We love anything that helps us give you a better banking experience. From online banking and our mobile app to ATMs, video tellers and branch services, we keep our tech top-notch.


Born and bred in Cumberland County, we have eleven branches for you to choose from. So, no matter where you are in Southern Maine, we’re nearby.

Switching Is Easy

In the past, switching banks was a pain. But now, ClickSWITCH™ makes it super easy.