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Our Yarmouth branch will close at noon on Friday 7/19 and remain closed on Saturday 7/20 for the Yarmouth Clam Festival. The drive-up video teller is available normal hours. We apologize for the inconvenience. See nearby locations.


Online Banking Security Statement

Gorham Savings Bank is committed to providing a secure online environment for our Online Banking customers. We know that security, privacy and confidentiality are significant concerns facing Online Banking and we want you, our customer, to feel safe when doing business with us via Online Banking. We have partnered with the leading Internet security companies using the latest technology to secure your Online Banking experience.


Enrollment Process
There are two ways to enroll in Online Banking:

  • The first option is to sign up through our website on the How to Enroll in Online Banking  page.  Please note that this option is available for retail customers only.  Once you have completed the verification process you will be prompted to pick a username and password.
  • The second option is to stop by any branch location and complete an Online Banking Enrollment Form.  Once the enrollment form is completed, we can generate and provide you with a temporary password immediately upon receiving the enrollment form.

Please note: We require all passwords to be 8 characters in length and contain a combination of both letters and numbers or symbols for security purposes. The longer the password, the harder it is for someone to guess it. You should never share your password with anyone.

Login Attempts
If there are multiple failed attempts to log in to our Online Banking System with your User ID, your account will be rendered unusable. Sometimes this happens if you forget your password or if you have the Caps Lock key on when typing your password. To reactivate your access, please call our Customer Service Center at (207) 839-4796 or 1-800-492-8120. The purpose of this lockout is to keep someone else from trying to access your accounts by guessing your password.

Password Replacement
If you ever forget your password altogether, please contact our Customer Service Center at (207) 839-4796 or 1-800-492-8120 to be issued a new temporary password. You will need to log in again like the first time, where you will be prompted to change your password to a confidential password.

Login Security
The Online Banking System reviews your expected login patterns. If you log in from a computer or other access device that cannot be verified (e.g. a new computer or from a location you don’t normally log in from) you will be asked to validate your identity with a one-time passcode, which we will provide by phone or via text message when you log in. This type of security is known as multi-factor authentication. For this reason it is important to have current phone numbers on file with the Bank.

Secure Communications
Data is encrypted as it travels in packets from your computer or any other internet-enabled devices to our website and back again. GSB utilizes the highest industry encryption standards available.

Secure Online Environment
A firewall is set up as a barrier between the Internet and our Online Banking System. A firewall is a software and hardware system that defines, controls, and limits the access that external computers have to the Bank’s network. All incoming data passes through the firewall, which verifies the source and destination of each packet of data. Our firewall records all activity within our Online Banking system, including sign-on, sign-off and access violations. This activity is regularly monitored.