Use Anti-Fraud Ink To Combat Check Washing

Anyone who writes and mails a check is at risk for fraud. Longer lasting gel or hybrid ink is harder for fraudsters to clean off in their efforts to change the recipient and/or dollar amount. Write your checks with anti-fraud ink to help keep them intact and protect yourself from potential losses.

Be sure to also:

  • Utilize account alerts and monitor activity regularly with Online Banking and/or the GSB Mobile App
  • Keep your banking information secure and provide only to trusted parties
  • Keep checkbook(s) in a secure location
  • Only accept payment by check for the requested amount (do not accept overpayment, or request cash instead)
  • Use a secured mailbox, P.O. Box, in office delivery, or other secure mail options when dealing with financial documentation
  • Businesses should consider using GSB’s Positive Pay to more easily monitor account activity