Protect Your Accounts With Real-Time Alerts

Account and Service alerts provide real-time updates on a variety of account activities to better manage your finances. Choose to receive email or text alerts – they’re user-friendly and help you keep track of money moving in and out of your accounts to prevent overdrafts, avoid fraud and keep a closer eye on your finances.

Log in to Online Banking, click on Customer Service and then Alerts to be notified of these and other instances:

  • ATM withdrawals – If you only withdraw specific dollar amounts of cash from the ATM, you can set an alert that will flag larger-than-normal ATM withdrawals.
  • Debit card purchases – Receive real-time alerts of purchases to help keep track of all of your spending. Card Controls in the GSB Mobile App also allows you to control how, when and where your GSB debit card is used.  
  • Low balance – This can be a helpful way to avoid account overdrafts (and the fees that come with them) and ensure you have enough money in your account to pay bills. Placing this alert on an account you rarely use can help you monitor unauthorized transactions.
  • Large transactions – Get notified of withdrawals over a certain amount or confirm when an expected deposit is made.
  • Username or password changes – Your Online Banking username and password keep your account secure. Click on the Service Alert tab to receive a notification when there’s been a change to your login information. You can also receive notice of any address or email changes.

Act on suspicious activity

If any alerts lead you to believe that you are a victim of identity theft , contact us immediately at or (207) 839-4796. The sooner you report fraud, the faster we can help.


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