Protect Your Business Accounts with Dual Control

With mobile approval for ACH and wires, it’s more convenient than ever for businesses to increase security and utilize dual control.

Authorized users can quickly and easily approve, or release, ACH and wire payments on-the-go with the GSB mobile app. Requiring a second approver for ACH originations and wire transfers will give you peace of mind and help protect your business from losses due to fraud.

How It Works:

  • Online Banking administrators can set permissions to require dual control by restricting users to certain tasks, such as entering ACH batches only, approving ACH batches only, and either entering or approving (but not both)
  • Users can set up email or text alert notifications when they have a payment to approve or release
  • Users can conveniently approve or release ACH or wire payments on-the-go with the GSB mobile app

Utilize mobile approval today. Have an Online Banking administrator on your business account send us a message within Online Banking requesting access for mobile ACH/wire approval.