Protect Yourself from Cybercriminals during Amazon Prime Days

Amazon Prime Days brings discounted prices along with new phishing scams from cybercriminals looking for any opportunity to capitalize.

Phishing emails using the Amazon brand to add legitimacy top the list, but scams involving text messages and even phone calls saying they are from Amazon have been reported. These scams take into consideration the huge numbers of customers that Amazon has, knowing that the odds are in their favor (to access a user’s account) when sending an attack using Amazon as the source.

Many of these scams are designed to steal the login credentials from users by sending them to a fake login screen, stealing the username and password. Once they have access to the account, it is a simple task to make purchases with credit card information saved in the account. From purchasing physical goods that can be delivered the same day to buying virtual gift cards that can be resold or used before the scam is uncovered, the opportunity to steal money or merchandise is huge.


What should you do if faced with one of these Amazon scams? 

If you receive an email or text message, simply deleting it is the wisest course. If you receive a phone call, simply tell them that you will go to the website and look into whatever the issue is. You can also tell the scammer you will call the customer service number from the website directly and ask for their extension and name. Any legitimate caller from Amazon’s customer service department will understand.