LastPass Breach - What You Need To Know

LastPass, the world’s most popular password manager, was breached twice in 2022. The second breach led to bad actors obtaining encrypted copies of users’ vault data – which includes usernames and passwords. Although the encryption applied to these vaults is very strong, it is not invulnerable.

What to do?

  • Enable multi-factor authentication everywhere it is offered.
  • Change passwords for sensitive /critical accounts. This includes financial as well as email/social media accounts.
  • Avoid reusing passwords – take this opportunity to change any passwords you have reused.
  • When changing passwords ensure that you are using a strong, complex, unique password. Avoid using personal details such as birth date. The more random, the better.

Although breaches can happen, password managers remain an effective tool for managing passwords. Check out some of our other helpful articles to learn how to better protect yourself online.

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