FAQs to help navigate recent changes to Online Banking

We’re excited about the recent changes within Online Banking (OLB) – designed to provide an optimized experience whether you access it from a desktop, tablet or smartphone. OLB now adapts to your device and includes touch-screen capability!

We also recognize that all change comes with a period of re-adjustment, so we have developed a list of Frequently Asked Questions and encourage you to contact our Customer Service Center for additional assistance.


How do I print my account detail?

Use the print option in your browser menu bar to print account detail.

How do I print check images?

Right click on the image for the Print option.

How do I make a loan payment or advance from my loan?

Click on Money Movement and then Loan Transfer. Follow the steps to complete any loan related transfer.

How do I download my transactions?

To download transactions, click on Accounts then Reports.

How do I access Bill Payment?

Click on Money Movement and then Bill Payment.

Why are debits and credits in one column?

The update to online banking was designed to be compatible with all devices that customers utilize to manage their finances including a personal computer, tablet, or smartphone. To view debit and credits in separate columns, go to Accounts then Reports and download the Account Detail to Excel.

For additional assistance, please contact the Customer Service Center at (207) 839-4796 or customerservice@gorhamsavingsbank.com.