Jason Straetz

AVP, Regional Business Banking Officer
Jason Straetz
Falmouth - Route 1
202 A US Route 1, Falmouth ME
(207) 221-8424

Jason has been with GSB since 2002 and has held a variety of roles ranging from regional branch manager to commercial loan administrator and credit analyst. As such, he has the experience and perspective to effectively help his customers meet their financing needs. He works extensively with the SBA and FAME on guaranteed loans for many of his business customers. Jason holds a Bachelor’s in Financial Economics from the University of Maine.

Banking seems the perfect fit for Jason’s analytical and extroverted personality traits. He recommends GSB because of our competency and our will. We not only do our best, but we have the skill, technology and know-how to back it up. As with everyone at GSB, Jason is passionate about what he does.