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Attention Business Online Banking Customers: Please be advised that our Cash Management Agreement has been updated as of 5/15/2024 to a more concise and streamlined version. Upon logging into your account, you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions of this new agreement.

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Round It Up

Photo of person counting spare change

Grow your savings, automatically. Round It Up makes saving money simple and convenient by automatically rounding debit card transactions to the nearest dollar. The aggregate amount is then transferred from your checking account to a designated savings account the next day. Enroll today to start saving for a rainy day, or your dream vacay.

Photo of person counting spare change
Photo of person buying coffee with debit card

Watch Your Savings Grow

Photo of person buying coffee with debit card

Round It Up turns everyday spending into a convenient saving tool. If you were to save the change from your weekday morning coffee for a year, you could save $125 or more. Over time, your Round It Up transfers can help save for emergency expenses, a large purchase, or college tuition.

Round It Up Example:

Coffee $3.50 $4.00 $0.50
Lunch $10.25 $11.00 $0.75
Groceries $55.49 $56.00 $0.51
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Budget Better
Stay on top of your finances with our money management and budgeting tool. With smart expense tracking, and mobile access, you can manage your finances with ease, from anywhere.
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Lost It? Lock It!
Manage and protect your debit card from your phone. With Card Controls, you can turn off your card, set transaction limits, and set location-based controls anytime with ease.
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