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Card Controls FAQ

Q. What are Card Controls?

A. Card Controls are tools within the GSB Mobile Banking app that allows you to control how, when and where your debit card is used, keeping your card safe and providing instant notifications whenever your card is used.

Q. How do I use Card Controls?


  1. Log in to the GSB mobile app
  2. Select “More” and choose “Card Controls” (if you do not see this option, update to the latest version of the GSB mobile app)
  3. Select your debit card

Q. What features are available with Card Controls?

A. Card Controls includes several options to manage and monitor your payment activity:

  • Lock or unlock your debit card if you misplace or lose it
  • Location Controls allows you to designate areas where your card can be used or block international transactions
  • Transaction Types allows you to block certain transaction types like ATM or online transactions
  • Merchant Types allows you to block certain types of merchants like gas stations
  • Threshold Amounts allows you to set a specific limit (lower than the default amount) for debit card transactions. Any transactions over this threshold will be declined.

Q. If I turn a Card Control option on or off, how long will it take to update?

A. Your card settings will be updated immediately.

Q. If I turn a feature off using Card Controls, will it affect any other cards accessing the same account?

A. No, if you turn a feature off through Card Controls, it will only apply to your card.

Q. What should I do if my settings don’t update immediately?

A. Normally, your card settings will be updated immediately. However, Card Controls is reliant on computer and telecommunication systems. Disruptions to these systems may result in Card Control settings not being updated immediately from time to time. Your settings will be updated as soon as the disruption is resolved.

Q. Can I update a joint account owner’s Card Controls?

A. No, you will only have access to update controls for your own card.

Q. What are Card Alerts

A. Card alerts allow you to receive notifications of recent debit card transactions. You can activate or deactivate card alerts, set card alerts for specific types of merchants and/or transaction types, and select a threshold transaction amount for receiving a card alert.