Believing in Community

We’ve seen it before in Maine, across the country and around the world—tragedy strikes and people instinctively, unselfishly and immediately pull together to help right their community. This year is no exception and I believe we will be seeing it more and more for the duration of this COVID-19 emergency.

We’ve all been dealt a shock. Virtually no one predicted the severity of this health crisis and the looming financial consequences. The immediate effects have been harsh and we are all bracing ourselves for what the future may bring. We can handle it—together. We believe in the people of Maine and the resiliency of Maine businesses.

Gorham Savings Bank has been meeting the needs of our communities for more than 150 years, through good economic times and bad, and we are here to serve you through this current emergency—no matter how long it may last.

We’re entered this turbulent period in a very strong financial position and will continue to put our resources into developing new plans and programs to help our business and consumer customers face the unique challenges in front of us.

In this uncertain time, you can count on Gorham Savings Bank to do everything in its power to reduce the impact COVID-19 is having throughout our communities.

Steve deCastro
President & CEO