Gorham Savings Bank closing its Kennebunk location

Gorham Savings Bank has notified its customers of plans to close its Kennebunk location on November 1, 2019, citing geography and administrative challenges as the primary reasons.

“After a long evaluation we found Kennebunk, while a very attractive market, is simply too far outside our primary geographic footprint to operate, administer and staff satisfactorily,” Gorham Savings Bank President and CEO Steve deCastro said.

The Gorham Savings Bank team will remain on site at 30 Main Street, Kennebunk until November 1 to assist with customers’ day-to-day banking needs and help with transitions to mobile banking and online services. Additionally, the bank has expanded its support services to assist customers during the transition, offering a customer service line (207-839-4796) to answer all questions. Customers were also given deCastro’s email if they would like to speak with him directly.

The bank has worked to minimize the impact to Kennebunk employees as well. “Our Kennebunk team has done a tremendous job and we always want to retain highly motivated, high performing employees, which is why we’ve offered them job opportunities at one of our other locations,” deCastro said.