Maine Innovators

& Entrepreneurs

Reach The Next Level

Now in its tenth year, LaunchPad is Maine’s premier small business competition and a showcase for the state’s dynamic entrepreneurial community.


550+ applicants

LaunchPad gets bigger and better every year. More applicants, more media attention, more prizes. What started small has become Maine’s premier showcase for innovative small businesses and the state’s vibrant entrepreneurial economy.

100+ cities and towns

The Maine economy is comprised of small businesses. Maine’s biggest cities and smallest communities are well represented, proving that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, all over our state.

25+ industries

From fashion to fish, and from green energy to gourmet candy, LaunchPad competitors represent a wide range of business types across a huge spectrum of industries. All that matters is that you have an innovative small business that’s worthy of immediate and impactful support.

Gorham Savings Bank strongly believes that Maine’s innovators and entrepreneurs are the driving force behind a successful and sustainable Maine economy. Every year the businesses we learn about and see on-stage are so inspiring.

- Steve deCastro, President & CEO, Gorham Savings Bank


Today, it’s easier than ever to start a business. But running a business successfully is as challenging as it’s ever been. And access to capital is still the main hurdle most new businesses will face. Through its annual $50,000 grant and Emerging Business Award, Gorham Savings Bank’s LaunchPad is proud to be helping address that challenge.

According to the U.S. Small Business Association, 97% of businesses in Maine are small businesses (having 500 or fewer employees), and those with fewer than 100 employees actually contribute the largest share of jobs. That’s why LaunchPad pursues the same mission every year: to help fund the growth of small but promising Maine businesses by providing the resources needed to help them reach the next level.