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Money On Your Mind?

Let's Talk About It


And now you can hear what we heard. Maybe these five stories will ring true for you. If so, message us or post using #GSBStoryOfMe.

Chapter 1

This is New

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Chapter 2

Good Times,
Bad Times

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Chapter 3

It's Complicated

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Chapter 4

Too Specific

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Chapter 5

Sweet Home

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Nate from Portland, Maine Nate from Portland, Maine

“When I started living on my own and I had all these little things you have to buy that I just never thought of, like toilet paper, or a hand soap, or dish towels, or whatever, laundry detergent. It just made me realize, Oh, there’s a lot more that goes into this than you really think about.”

Nate, Portland
Liz from Standish, Maine Liz from Standish, Maine

“The way I see it, I’m in that age where my actions are really going to direct my life in different paths. So, you have to be self-assured and be positive, and just know that life is going to give you opportunities that you can handle.”

Liz, Standish
Noli from New Gloucester, Maine Noli from New Gloucester, Maine

“So, everything you hear about being in college for the most part is true. You’ll feel like you have no money. You are going to make ramen in your dorm at 3:00 AM in your microwave which doesn’t really work. I decided to stay in state because it was the best financial option.”

Noli, New Gloucester
Brandon from York, Maine Brandon from York, Maine

“Whenever I get money, be it from a job or a gift, I take a portion of it and I put it in the bank. I let it just sit there for if something big comes up. I have a portion that I can spend and a portion that gets saved for whatever.”

Brandon, York
Jordan from Portland, Maine Jordan from Portland, Maine

“I’m not the best at budgeting. I put together a budget on Excel and I feel like that’s good enough and then I don’t do anything with it. I really need to set a straight timeline and actually stick to it.”

Jordan, Portland
Kelsey from North Yarmouth, Maine Kelsey from North Yarmouth, Maine

“I think it’s all about setting small goals that help you to the larger goal. It sets you up for your future a lot better than just having this huge goal and not really knowing how to get there.”

Kelsey, North Yarmouth

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