Take advantage of Gorham Savings Bank’s exclusive personal finance program and provide your busy employees with a premium banking experience without leaving their office.

Benefits For

Your Organization

Wealth@Work helps you attract and retain a competitive workforce. This program offers a meaningful enhancement to your benefits package at no cost to you, and potential to:

  • Improve recruitment with a more robust benefits package
  • Boost employee productivity and morale by reducing financial stress
  • Strengthen employee/employer bond and loyalty with participation

Tailored To Your Needs

Delivered to Your Office

Connect your employees to a wealth of services and a banking bundle of our best products, including:

  • A dedicated banking team
  • An Online Financial Education Library
  • One-on-one financial planning services
  • Exclusive product offers and discounts

Bring Wealth@Work

To Your Workplace

Contact Sue Strout, VP, Program Director to learn more about this important employee benefit program.

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