Cybercrime This Holiday Season

A few friendly security reminders this holiday season.


Online Shopping

If you’re like a lot of other holiday shoppers this year, your purchases started long before Cyber Monday. Use caution when shopping online and avoid anything that seems too good to be true.


Postal Deliveries

Beware of alerts sent via email or text indicating you just received a package from FedEx, UPS or the US Mail, requesting personal information. Don’t respond. Think Before You Click.


Fake Refunds

Be cautious of a refund scam that appears to come from Amazon, a hotel, or a retail chain. The phony notification refers to a “wrong transaction” and prompts you to “click for refund” but instead, your device will be infected with malware.


The Fake Gift Card Trick

In this scenario, internet crooks promote a fake gift card through social media, but what they really are after is your information, which they then sell to other cyber criminals who use it for identity theft. Here is an example: A Facebook scam offering a complimentary $1,000 Best Buy gift card to the first 20,000 people who like a Best Buy fan page, which is a malicious copy of the original.


The Extra Holiday-Money Fraud

People always need some extra money during the holidays, so cyber fraudsters offer work-from-home scams. The most innocent of these will have you fill out a form requesting confidential information like your Social Security number, which may get your identity stolen. The worst of them offer you work laundering money from a cyberheist, which can get you into legal trouble.


The Evil Wi-Fi Twin

Bringing a laptop/tablet/smartphone to the mall to search for gifts and price shop online has its benefits, but remember that the bad guys are there too, shopping for your credit card number. They can create a Wi-Fi signal that looks just like a complimentary one you always use. Choose the wrong Wi-Fi and the hacker has the ability steal your credit card data while you buy online. When you use a Wi-Fi connection in a public place, it is better not to use your credit card.


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