GSB NEWS – Oh, the pleasure of depositing a check with your phone.




It’s easy, really, especially after you’ve done it once. Download the GSB Mobile App. Use the DEPOSIT button at the bottom of your mobile screen, and follow along. After you complete your deposit you will receive a “Deposit Received” email and soon after you will get an additional “Deposit Accepted” email. If you make your deposit before 5 p.m. EST on any business day, funds will be available the next business day. Please note: there is a $3,000 daily limit.



The best answer might be, “Because it’s possible.” When mobile phone technology gave us the wireless phone, using “cell towers,” I doubt even the inventor sat back and thought, “Great. Now I can deposit checks with this thing.” Not likely.

We invented cell phone technology to use the phone. Today, the phone is probably one of the lesser used applications on our “phones”, and it’s also the least reliable. But once we hooked those phones up to the whole web grid, it is no wonder the applications kept rolling in.

Depositing a check with a picture has been around for ten years, but has been primarily used for bank to bank check processing, and business deposits. It was only a matter of time before it came to consumers. In 2003, a Federal law called Check Clearing for the 21st Century (or Check 21) opened the door for checks to be accepted as images. The delay for consumers was more about both bankers and consumers getting comfortable with the idea.